I'm Alex .

I'm a fullstack developer from Sweden with US work authorization.

These days I'm mostly working with node, angular, vue, react and dotnet core, but I have been building iOS apps since 2011.
I love being in the intersection between technology and business strategy, which is why I've started 3 companies, each time to create something truly meaningful to others.
I'm currently working at Natural Cycles as a Senior Software Engineer.
Natural Cycles is the world's first FDA cleared birth control app. It tracks your cycle with a thermometer and uses an algorithm to predict your ovulation and fertile window.
My role at Natural Cycles
  • Lead for Payments in the Product Growth Team
  • Lowered decline rate by 0.5%, generating $25k extra revenue per month
  • Built a scalable Discount Code API that serves over 100k users/month
  • Led multiple projects that simplified the signup and checkout experience which resulted in more frequent releases due to lowered complexity and technical debt
  • Mentored the mid-level engineers in our team to take on projects of their ownand break down tasks as well as PRs, resulting in faster reviews and fewer project overruns
I previously worked at Heads as a Senior Software Engineer.
Heads builds retail software, similar to Square Pay. My responsibilities include building and maintaining the react frontend, node backend and the Heads POS iOS app.
My main contributions to Heads
  • The company website (Astro)
  • The Heads Design System (React)
  • The Heads POS app (iOS)
Machine Learning Project
I worked on a prototype Sales Prediction Engine capable of forecasting product demand, such as Coke sales for the next two weeks, enabling data-driven re-stocking automation and optimizing inventory management.
iSpect - enabling construction companies to gain actionable insights from their projects 👷‍♂️
I founded iSpect in 2020 - an Inspection Platform for the Construction Industry.
iSpect streamlines the daily operations of an inspection company while at the same time providing construction companies with a powerful platform to make data-driven decisions
I built out the iSpect platform with the following stack:
  • A Customer Portal built with vuejs & apollo-graphql
  • An issue reporting tool built with vuejs & apollo-graphql
  • An iOS app written in good old objc using CouchbaseLite for offline persistence & sync
Buildcraft - an App Store for Construction
I helped co-found Buildcraft in 2018 - an iPaaS for Construction; together with Joachim Wester and Anton Fagerberg using the Starcounter Platform
Buildcraft had the grand vision of not just connecting(iPaaS) all of the disparate softwares in Construction, but to create a game-like world with Unreal Engine like graphics. This world would serve as the Air Traffic Control Tower for the construction site. At the heart of Buildcraft was the BIM/3D model, connecting every single system into one single source of truth.
iControl - Replaces paper reports with a mobile app at construction sites
I founded iControl with Anton Fagerberg in 2015 which is a 500 Startups alumni - Batch 19.

Having previously built an app for building inspectors, it quickly dawned on us that inspectors weren't the only ones stuck writing reports all day long.

And that's how iControl was born, we realized that we could help so many more people if we simply replaced paper with an app at Construction Sites.

One simple but elegant insight was that we could service all construction documentation use cases but simply marrying the blueprint/drawing with a form. Every single report made on site fits into a PDF-form and almost always refers to a drawing

At the time I was primarily an iOS dev and our team built iControl using the following stack

  • The backend consisting of dotnet standard, Couchbase, Postmark
  • The closeout app built with reactjs
  • The project management app built with reactjs
  • The iOS app written in swift using the VIPER pattern and CouchbaseLite for offline persistence & sync